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Tree Trimming Company in Maple Shade, NJ

Trees are beautiful but sometimes grow asymmetrically and become a safety issue for you or people living next to your home. The tree also looks unattractive and a liability to you. It requires tree trimming to make it healthy, neat, and robust. At Prates Tree Service, we are qualified arborists who will determine the ideal course of action regarding shrubs and trees depending on the species’ weakness or strength.

Only certified arborists should do tree trimming. These are investments that take years to grow and must be handled with care. It takes a professional tree trimming expert to trim a tree and ensure it continues thriving. This is a process associated with numerous risks, such as the reduction of the tree’s life span. Once a tree is trimmed in the wrong way, fixing it becomes expensive and frustrating. It may never recover because trimming brings a permanent change. Call our team of tree service professionals whether you need tree trimming in Maple Shade or a complete tree removal job. We offer free estimates 7 days a week!

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Why Choose Prates Tree Service For Your Tree Trimming Needs in Maple Shade?

We start by evaluating the tree and determining which branches need trimming at the top of the ridge. The crown or the ridge-line is what makes a tree attractive and makes it look full. The person trimming the tree must have rich knowledge about tree trimming. We know the right limbs to cut off and will never decorate a tree on your property into an eyesore. The best way to trim is to start from the top downwards. Here are some of the basics rules that guide us when trimming trees:

  • In a single session, we trim less than one-fourth of the tree’s crown.
  • Only branches with a diameter that is a third smaller than the tree’s trunk are trimmed.
  • Avoid cutting over a third of the tree’s height
  • We use our expertise to trim the tree evenly and leave the crown looking perfect.

We are seasoned specialists, fully insure and certified to offer tree care services in New Jersey. If you are looking for tree pruning services, look no further. Talk to us.

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