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Emergency Tree Removal Services in Maple Shade, NJ

Local Maple Shade, New Jersey Emergency Tree Services

Trees may not seem like likely hazards, but if they are uprooted or otherwise disturbed, they certainly can prove to be a problem. In the event that a tree has fallen or is blocking a necessary throughway, Prates Tree Service provides emergency tree service to clients in the greater Maple Shade area. When you need 24-hour tree removal, we are ready to assist with whatever situation has arisen and ensure that the risk is eliminated. No matter what time of day or night, we will work to make sure our clients are safe from hazardous trees.

One of the most common reasons for emergency tree removal is to deal with fallen trees. There are many different things that can cause this, but when it happens outside of normal business hours, you should certainly call a 24-hour tree service.

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Tree Service Maple Shade, NJ

Reasons Your Trees May Become A Safety Hazard

Some of the most common reasons these incidents occur include:

  • Root rot
  • Heavy winds
  • Severed roots
  • Wet soil
  • Unestablished roots
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