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Do Your Trees Need Trimming? Read This to Find Out

If you have a yard, chances are you spend your weekends making sure it looks picture-perfect removing weeds, tending to the plants, and mowing the lawn. But what do you do about that giant tree blocking the view from the street?

Having trees in your yard can be immensely beneficial. They clean the air, provide shade during the hot summers, and add to the beauty of your property. They can even bring you fresh flowers and fruits. But you need to know how to take care of them and maintain them properly. This is why tree trimming is essential. If the branches grow too large or the tree becomes diseased, there is a high risk of it falling and damaging your property or causing bodily injuries. Moreover, if a tree has unnatural growth, it can also obstruct the growth of other trees around it. The best way to make sure that your trees remain in the best of health, you should inspect them to see if they need trimming.

Here are a few signs your trees need trimming:

  1. The branches are broken

    Broken branches are one of the most obvious signs of trees needing trimming. If you see any branches that are broken or bowing, you should trim them as soon as possible. Weak branches can be a safety risk as they might fall on you or someone else and cause life-threatening injuries. Keep in mind, however, that broken branches might not always be noticeable, so inspect the trees carefully.

  2. There’s unnatural growth

    Is your tree growing too large? Are the branches spreading out too much? Are they intruding on other areas of the yard? If your answer to even one of these questions is yes, you need to trim your tree. This is one problem that you should tackle early because if the unnatural growth remains unchecked, it can become much more difficult to trim without damaging the tree.

  3. You want to enhance curb appeal

    One of the benefits of having trees in your yard is their visual appeal, but without regular maintenance, they can become unsightly. When guests walk into your property, their eyes will immediately be drawn to the diseased tree with limp or broken branches and not the stunning landscaped garden.

  4. There’s storm or rain damage

    Trees are usually quite strong. But if there has been a storm or flood in your area, you should check the trees for damage. Branches may be broken off by the wind. There may be splinters, which can be hazardous. You should trim the damaged tree to minimize further damage and to prevent the risk of any diseases infecting the tree. You should also check the roots, especially after a flood. If the roots are damaged severely, consider removing the tree altogether.

    When you have trees on your property, you should inspect them periodically. If you notice one or more of these signs, immediately call Prate’s Tree Service, a trusted name in tree trimming in Mapleshade. Although tree trimming might seem like a simple task, it requires skill and experience. We have been a part of this industry for years, offering a wide range of services, including tree trimming in Marlton. Using state-of-the-art equipment and safe, modern techniques, we can trim trees of any size and type.

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